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25 June 2016, 08:00
Young man studying in library

From tuition to textbooks, college is really freakin’ expensive. If you’ve had to experience the pain of paying for college, you’ll definitely relate to the following tweets: 1. When the realization of how expensive college will be hits you and you just kinda — Zorana (@ZoranaVisic) April 27, 2016     2. Why college […]

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24 June 2016, 08:00
Portrait Of A Sad Young Woman Reading Documents

“I can’t wait until I’m old enough to finally get my own credit card,” you once told yourself, long before you knew any better. Fast-forward to the present and it might look a little something this: bills piling up, debt accumulating quickly, and tons of anxiety. If you can relate, you’d probably agree that the […]

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22 June 2016, 09:23
Need cash now

Can J.G. Wentworth do anything for people who really and truly need that cash NOW?

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21 June 2016, 04:10
BETX GeoCashNow

We are creating our own game just for the BET Experience called #GeoCashNow- and all attendees are welcome to play with us by following us on Twitter!

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18 June 2016, 06:00
Children playing in front lawn sprinkler

If you’re ready to welcome the change of seasons with open arms, we’ve got some ways you can celebrate the first day of summer on the cheap!

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17 June 2016, 05:08
Fathers day composition

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and you have yet to get anything yet for dad. The panic has started to sink in. Reluctantly, you’ve decided that you’ll just keep it easy and simple since it’s so last minute, and you’ll just get him a tie. Again. Just like last year. Your dad doesn’t even wear […]

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15 June 2016, 09:18
Where's my money

We understand that question! – And we are doing everything we can to get that money to you as soon as possible.

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13 June 2016, 08:00
Giving house keys

J.G. Wentworth may be able to help you get cash for your down payment and we offer home loans. Call today.

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10 June 2016, 08:00
Thirty something Man Lying Asleep on a Sofa in an Apartment

Living at home as an adult can be quite the challenge.

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8 June 2016, 08:06
Going to court

Here’s the good news: going to court can really be a good thing – especially when it’s associated with getting money out of your future structured settlement payments.

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