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30 October 2014, 07:05

Michael P., father of two, was at home in Bayard, Iowa when he learned he would be going on a trip to New York City. It was the middle of the night when Brian V. of Jackson, Michigan, learned he had won $5000. Marie W. of Manchester, Connecticut won a trip to Hawaii, Jennifer T. […]

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28 October 2014, 10:13

A short list of some benefits of doing business with J.G. Wentworth, including continued access to your customer representative, the company’s handling of any costs associated with the transaction, and absolutely no hidden fees, surcharges, or expenses.

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23 October 2014, 03:49

Thinking about scaring the heck out of your neighbors this Halloween by having the most spine-chilling haunted house on the block? Want to do it without it costing you an arm and a leg (metaphorically speaking, of course!)? This blog is for you.

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21 October 2014, 09:37

A review of some of the most common questions structured settlement holders ask of us when they are considering selling their future payments for a lump sum of cash.

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16 October 2014, 02:10

The national leader in purchasing structured settlement and annuity payments for a lump sum of cash, J.G. Wentworth, promotes its products by offering five reasons to visit the company website, which can be found at

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14 October 2014, 02:00

J.G. Wentworth, the nationwide leader in purchasing future structured settlement and annuity payments from qualified recipients, announces the last week of its summer promotional sweepstakes program called the Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game.

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9 October 2014, 02:34
When is the best time to sell my annuity payments

The national leader in purchasing annuity payments for a lump sum, J.G. Wentworth, offers general information on when the ‘best’ time to sell one’s annuity payments may be.

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7 October 2014, 05:28
7 travel trips for autumn travelers on a budget

J.G. Wentworth, a leader in the structured settlement and annuity purchasing business, offers 7 travel trips for autumn travelers on a budget. The blog is part of our series categorized ‘Money Smarts’, which offers cost-saving tips on a wide range of goods and services.

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2 October 2014, 11:00
Snowman Decor

Thinking about cashing out your future structured settlement or annuity payments to get money by the holiday season? J.G. Wentworth would like to remind you not to wait too long to get started. This is because selling structured settlement and annuity payments for cash can be a more complicated and time-consuming process than it may […]

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30 September 2014, 11:34

If you are thinking about selling your structured settlement payments, you most likely have financial needs that need addressing sooner, rather than later. At the same time, however, you also want to maximize your structured settlement payments’ value, and get the most money that you can. With that in mind, today J.G. Wentworth would like […]

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