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14 things you’ll relate to if you don’t have a car

It’s one thing if you simply don’t have a need for a car, but if you’re without a car and it’s not by choice, to say it can be frustrating and inconvenient would be an understatement. If you don’t have a car, then there’s a good chance you understand the following:

1. You know the importance of getting a seat on the bus, especially for longer journeys.


2. You have the public transportation and local taxi phone numbers all memorized. And you hate yourself for it.

3. When all else fails, you’ve gotten creative with the ways to get around.

4. Bad weather usually means you won’t be going anywhere, at all.

5. After all, you spend a lot of your time walking to places.

6. And although the extra exercise has been great for your wellbeing and everything, sometimes you’re just too exhausted.

7. Although you never have to worry about rush hour traffic, road congestion, and other nuisances that go along with driving…

8. …you secretly kind of wish you could worry about those things.

9. Your driver’s license has been expired for years.

10. You used to be really picky about who you spent your time with…

11. …but as long as they’ve got a reliable car, you totally don’t mind being their best friend.

12. Dating can be a little difficult.


13. You’ve learned to get everything you possibly can delivered to your home.

14. You honestly don’t even remember what anything beyond your town looks like because it’s been so long since you’ve left it.


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