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How not to apply for a job: Industry professionals weigh in

Looking for a job isn’t easy, but sometimes, being on the hiring end can be a difficult task to endure. We asked hiring managers, recruiters, and CEOs to share some of their craziest encounters with job applicants: 

This person with colorful job experience

“A young lady approaches our makeup counter and asks if we’re hiring. Keep in mind, she’s in her pajamas. I ask her about what position she was interested in, to which she responds by asking what we’ve got open, and I tell her we’ve got a position for a salesperson and another for a makeup artist. I then ask her about her present employer and what she does there. She replies that although she can’t do makeup, she’s currently a stripper and as such, has sales experience.” – J.M., Company Founder and Hiring Manager

An interview that takes a sudden turn

“This didn’t happen to me, but in my staffing days, one of our fellow recruiters brought in a guy to interview for a role. He asked DURING his interview if his TWO prior manslaughter/murder convictions would be an issue. Needless to say, the recruiter was pretty freaked out.” – L.N., Talent Acquisition Specialist

Not the best choice for an email address

“I received a resume once that looked pretty good overall, and I was getting ready to contact her for an interview. That’s when I got to the contact information and saw her email address was something along the lines of ‘BigBootyGirl’ followed by random numbers and a bunch of X’s and O’s. Next.” – R.A., Hiring Manager

Thanks, but no thanks

“I had one person tell me they were going to decline the interview because they didn’t like our interview process. I [also had] someone tell me that they liked all of the work we have shown on our website……’except for one project.’ They went on to ask me what happened with that project.” – Amy Dennis, Owner and Creative Director, Nice Branding Agency


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