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9 things you’ll understand if you hate your job and/or boss


Are you unhappy with your current employment situation? You’re certainly not alone. Whether you can’t stand your boss, despise the work you do, or it’s a combination of the two, some of the following probably hits close to home:


1. Getting paid to poop is probably your biggest (or only) job perk.




2. You have this internal struggle daily.





3. Weekends are never, ever long enough.




4. To say you’re dissatisfied with your job is probably an understatement.




5. You haven’t really learned anything worthwhile that you can add to your resume.





6. You find festive and creative outlets for expressing just how much you hate your job.





7. When you kinda struggle to survive….




8. Even though you do give it your all.





9. At least you can temporarily forget just how much you hate everything if cake is involved.

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