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10 hilarious tweets from people who hate their jobs 

A lot of us have had those days when we simply can’t stand our jobs—or, you know, have these feelings every day. Whether it’s the industry you work in or the specific company you work at, you probably understand exactly what some of these Twitter users are going through:

1. When your coworkers are kinda horrible.


2. Although it’s good to be dedicated to doing your job well, you’re just dedicated to truly despising it.


3. When you have this same fantasy every single day. Every few minutes.


4. Because 
nap time at the office really should be a thing.


5. When you need daily “therapy.”


6. Because you’d literally rather do anything else than actually deal with anything work-related.


7. Because you’re a fan of eating and not being homeless.


8. Because you seriously thought your day off would never, ever come.



9. Those alarms, though.


10. That slightly comforting feeling you get when you realize other people do have worse jobs than you.

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