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Back-To-School 2015: 6 Tips on Saving Money on School Supplies

Did you know that at some schools around the country the first day of school this year is August 11th – almost 30 full days before Labor Day? Every year it seems like the school year begins earlier and earlier!

And the start of every school year brings another yearly event: shopping for school supplies. But savvy parents and students do not have to spend a fortune getting ready for school in 2015. Here are six tips to help keep costs low when shopping for school supplies, starting with:

1) Dig through closets and shelves for leftover school supplies

Since every dollar saved is truly a dollar earned, step one is to look through shelves and closets for any unused, or barely used, supplies left over from the year before. You may be surprised how many school essentials like pens, pencils, notebooks or paper can be found that are perfectly usable for the year ahead.

2) Review weekend newspapers and the Internet for back-to-school coupons

Before heading out for your shopping day, take the time to look at the many back-to-school savings offers that should proliferate throughout your Sunday newspaper and favorite online shopping sites.

3) Sign up for Store Rewards Programs

There’s a long list of stores that offer discounts and rebates for customers who sign up for their rewards programs, including Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Walmart, and Target, to name just a few.

4) Begin your school-supply-shopping day at a dollar store

Just about every dollar or $.99 store has a section devoted to school supply basics like pens, pencils, notebooks, and other necessities. Starting your day here and crossing these items off your list will go a long way towards stretching every school shopping dollar.

5) Consider buying used textbooks or renting textbooks from specialty stores

Students enrolled in higher education courses are frequently shell-shocked at the prices of school textbooks. Avoid this trauma by finding used editions of these books, renting textbooks from specialty stores, or even tracking down students who took the same course the previous year.

6) Don’t purchase school supplies until after the school year has started

Last, but certainly not least, is our favorite back-to-school shopping tip, which is to purchase as little as possible before the school year starts. The advantage to doing this is that a few weeks into the semester companies will begin trying to get rid of all their overstocked school -related items by offering heavily discounted prices. It happens every year, so don’t miss out!

We hope this list of back-to-school shopping tips will help you keep costs low this year. J.G. Wentworth is the nationwide leader in purchasing future structured settlement and annuity payments for cash now, and many folks call us for relief from overwhelming educational expenses. If you need help paying either for your education or for the education of a loved one, call us to discuss your specific situation and to find out how our company may be able to help you. Our customer representatives can be reached anytime at 877-227-4713.