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Five Great Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

With so many of our customers either helping loved ones pay for their higher education, or paying for their own education themselves, we thought that today’s blog would be the perfect opportunity to talk about some great ways to save money on textbooks.

Unfortunately, many students pay as much as $1000 a year for textbooks.  Some sell their books at the end of the year to used textbook stores for as little as 10% on what they originally paid; others don’t even bother to sell their textbooks, and decide to hold onto them – only to NEVER open them again.

Is there a way to avoid either fate?  We think so!  Here at J.G. Wentworth, the nationwide leader in buying structured settlement and annuity payments for cash, we’ve found 5 great ways for you to save money on school textbooks, and to keep your hard-earned money exactly where it belongs: in your pocket.

1) Make sure the book isn’t already available online for free before buying it

Websites like Google Books and Project Gutenberg may already have all or a portion of your textbook online. Make sure you do your research and find out before buying one.

2) Rent the textbooks instead

Some universities have bookstores that actually rent books; there are also innumerable websites that provide the same service.  Take a quick look at, and – to name just a few websites – to see if they can help you save considerable sums of cash on textbooks.

3) Consider buying eBooks

Many ereader devices such as the Kindle or Ipad can mimic the experience of holding an actual book in your hand – and even allow you to take notes as you read.  The costs of these books can be substantially less than their hardcopy alternatives.

4) Buy the textbook yourself from a recent graduate of the class

Reach out to other students and you may be surprised how many of them are willing to sell their old textbooks to you at a reasonable price. Or take a quick look at Facebook pages devoted to textbooks, or even to Craigslist, to see if the book you are looking for is for sale.

5) Contact the professor who is teaching the class

Last but certainly not least is to simply reach out to the lecturer directly. He or she may not realize how much their textbooks cost; even better, the lecturer might have an extra copy of the book and willingly loan it to you for the class.

The above is just our list of some textbook-buying options available to you; the important thing is to use your own imagination and resourcefulness to identify any ways you can think of to avoid paying full price!  And always remember that if you need money to pay for the exorbitant costs of a higher education – or need cash now for other reasons- you can call JG Wentworth. Our highly trained account representatives are available day and night at 877-227-4713.