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How NOT to save money as a college student

 Money can be tight as a college student—you’re talking expensive college tuition, possibly living on your own for the first time, and limited (or a complete lack of) income. Being extra careful with your money is especially important during this phase of your life, because unwise decisions can follow you for years to come. That means doing the opposite of the following:

Only purchase brand new textbooks. Although renting, ordering online, or purchasing gently used can save hundreds of dollars per semester, brand new textbooks are usually shrink-wrapped, they smell nicer, and they pages are shinier. Totally worth it.

Be unkind to those textbooks so that they aren’t worth much the next semester. Even better? Forget about them for several semesters so that they become obsolete and you can no longer sell them back to the bookstore.

Go out as much as possible. It’s an effective way to completely forget where your money went. Bonus points for partying late on a school night, and when you’ve got a huge exam the next day.

Wait until the drop deadline passes to withdraw from a class, and when you can’t get a refund. Even though you knew from the beginning that you wanted out.

Or just fail classes altogether, repeat them, and pay for them all over again. Because um, that’s fun. And productive.

Forget cooking healthy, cheap meals yourself at home. Really, why bother when you can spend extra on take-out and restaurant visits?

Even if you have the opportunity or time for a job, don’t take it. Especially on-campus jobs, which tend to offer tuition discounts—forget that. You need your rest. Even if you have the entire summer off. Don’t work or go to classes. Just rest.

Borrow a ton of money through student loans. Like, even more than you could possibly need. Why not?

Lots of places offer generous student discounts, and all you have to do is show your student ID, but don’t bother taking advantage of these discounts.

Open up as many credit cards as you can! Pay the bills only when you feel like it. If that’s never, that’s cool.

Also forget to explore your other options, like scholarships and financial aid, which essentially = free money if you qualify. Free. Money. NBD.

Don’t contact J.G. Wentworth if you have structured settlement payments. You can get the money that’s rightfully yours when you need it the most, but why would you want that?

In all seriousness, this is the stuff you certainly want to avoid when you’re trying to save money as a college student. If you’re receiving structured settlement payments and you need cash for college, we want to help. Contact us today to learn more about selling future structured settlements so that you can get the money you need to pay for school.