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Need Money to Pay for Next Year’s Educational Expenses? Consider J.G. Wentworth

With just six weeks left until Labor Day 2015, we’d like to remind you why so many folks call us to talk about selling their future structured settlement and annuity payments to pay for educational expenses.

The unfortunate reality is that tuition costs continue to skyrocket at colleges, junior colleges, and trade schools across the country. Even worse, meeting these costs is just the beginning of one’s financial burden, as other costs associated with obtaining a degree are required, including books, room and board, and a wide range of other fees and expenses. It should come as no surprise that the average debt of the college graduate in 2014, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, is over $33,000.[i]

But if you are currently receiving, or scheduled to receive, payments from a structured settlement or annuity, you may not have to assume these large educational debts for yourself or a loved one. Instead, you can sell all, or even just a portion, of your future payments for cash, then use that money to pay what you owe today.

As we’ve written elsewhere, there are a number of ways students can keep the costs of receiving a higher education as low as possible. But no matter how wisely you shop for college, or how frugally you live, most folks simply cannot avoid the heavy price tag associated with obtaining that degree.

And so the bottom line is fairly simple: would you rather worry about paying higher education debts off over a period of years or even decades, or would you rather use the money from your structured settlement or annuity now, to pay for those costs as soon as possible?

If you’ve decided that you are interested in paying for the costs of your education, or for the education of your loved ones, out of your future structured settlement or annuity payments, J.G. Wentworth’s customer representatives are always available to discuss the specifics your situation. The call to our company is free, and you are under absolutely no obligation to accept our quoted offer. Call us today at 877-227-4713.