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Planning for college, part 4: 8 scholarship sources you can’t afford to overlook!

Today’s blog, the last in our series on coming up with the financial means to pay for college, takes a look at some scholarship opportunities that are all too often overlooked. They are:

Alumni groups

Have a specific college or university in mind? Many alumni groups dedicate some of their financial resources to helping incoming students, or to offering some financial help to those already enrolled.

Religious organizations

Religious organizations of all stripes offer scholarships to both their members and the children of members. Begin your search by contacting your local church, temple, or mosque and asking for information.

Your local school district

Some high schools or educational districts offer scholarships to their recently graduated seniors. Your local guidance counselor should know more.

Companies where you or a loved one works

To promote company loyalty, many businesses offer scholarships to employees and their children. Contacting the human resources department where you or a loved one works is your best first step for more information.

Business groups and organizations

The Rotary Club and organizations like the Chamber of Commerce are some of the many local and national business groups that offer scholarships.

Organizations within your chosen field of study

Have a specific professional interest you hope to pursue? Many universities, professional organizations, and private industry groups offer scholarships to students interested in specific subject areas.

Community organizations

Local groups frequently sponsor small cash scholarships to college-going graduates coming from within their community to encourage them on their academic journey. Even an amount is small as $500 can be helpful for such items as purchasing textbooks and paying for school-sponsored activities.

Other sources

The bottom line is that the above list is just an introduction to the wide range of scholarship opportunities available today. So whether you are applying for yourself or a loved one, you should exhaustively research the innumerable scholarship opportunities that are out there, apply for as many as you can, and never give up. After all, the less financial burden you take on to receive a higher education degree, the better your opportunity in the future for a debt-free life!

We hope this blog, along with the ones that preceded it, has introduced you to the many financial options available to those seeking to fund their higher education dreams. And if that dream still remains a bit out of reach, we would also like to remind you that J.G.Wentworth is the nationwide leader in helping folks around the country get cash out of their future structured settlement and annuity payment streams. For more information on how you can get that money now instead of later, call us anytime at 877-227-4713.

Nothing above is meant to provide financial, legal or tax advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.