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Seven Back-To-School Shopping Tips

The end of summer is fast approaching, and to many, that can only mean one thing: the start of another school year. To help student shoppers – and their budget-conscious parents! – across the country, J.G. Wentworth has put together the following list of ways to save money on school supplies and other school-related materials. Here are seven of our favorite back-to-school shopping tips:

1) Go ‘back-to-school’ coupon hunting this weekend

Whether found in your Sunday newspaper or on the Internet, there will be a number of back-to-school savings promotions over the next few weeks. Take the time to clip, print, or copy coupons to earn substantial savings on your back-to-school costs.

2) Join in-store rewards programs

A number of large chain stores offer savings programs to their shoppers. Among them are Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax, all of which focus heavily on school supplies. The best part is that it takes only moments to sign up!

3) Avoid paying full price on expensive textbooks

College students, in particular, understand the pain that paying full price for textbooks can cause. Avoid it by doing research on the book titles teachers are assigning you to read, then look into buying these books – or even renting them – from either online specialty sites, or from students who have taken the course in a previous year.

4) Consider dollar stores

Just about all dollar stores have sections devoted to school supplies. In some cases, the quality of these goods is just as high as in regular full-price stores.

5) Visit specialty online shopping sites

You do not have to look for discounted school supplies exclusively through a major chain store.,, and are just some of the many sites that offer back-to-school savings on supplies, clothes, and many other back-to-school essentials.

6) Don’t forget last year’s leftover school supplies

Don’t underestimate how many partially used, or even entirely unused, supplies may be buried in your closet from the year before!

7) Sit tight a few weeks – and shop after school has started

Last, but certainly not least, is perhaps our favorite back-to-school shopping tip, which is to wait to purchase supplies and school-related materials until a few weeks after the school year has begun. The simple fact is that this is when many stores find themselves overstocked with supplies and school-related materials, and will try to unload them. The discounts will be steep – take advantage of them!

We certainly hope this list of back-to-school shopping tips will prove useful to you. The bottom line is that even if it’s only pennies on every dollar, J.G. Wentworth understands just how important saving one’s hard-earned money is at any time of the year. Our company is this nation’s largest purchaser of future structured settlement and annuity payments, and customers around the country turn to us when they need cash quickly and at fair value. Helping them get that money into their pockets sooner is truly one of the great pleasures of our job; if you think there’s a possibility that we can help get you the money you need, call us today at 877-227-4713, and to hear more of our cash-saving tips, we encourage you to visit the Money Smarts section of our blog.