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18 thoughts students may have when it comes to paying for college

There’s really no getting around it: college is expensive. Although some students may never experience the financial struggles that come along with paying for college expenses, most can relate all too well. The thought process usually goes a little something like this:

1. OK, time to register for my first semester!




2. Wait, classes are how much?!




3. I will definitely need to be getting a job.




4. Or two jobs. Who needs to sleep?





5. For now, I’ll just put these tuition charges on my credit card.

giphy (4)



6. OK, I guess I will need to split the total cost onto like, several credit cards.

cry baby



7. Except I only have the one credit card.

giphy (3)



8. Alrighty. First day of class. Just received syllabus with required course materials.




9. *At bookstore* Hold on, this textbook costs WHAT!?




10. So much for being able to afford a social life while in college.




11. Or food.




12. Hmm, what are these student loans I hear so much about? That sounds like a good solution.




13. That was SO EASY! I’m rich!




14. Seriously though, my financial woes are a thing of the past.




15. Almost time to graduate! But….that means soon I’ll need to pay back those student loans.



16. Oh, crap. I’m going to owe HOW MUCH?!



17. Okay, if I just pay the minimum required payment every month, that means my student loans will be all paid off when I’m…..108-years-old. That can’t be right.

giphy (1)



18. ..It’s right.



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