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Signs that it’s time to go back to school

If you went to college many years ago, but never finished, you may have thought about returning. It’s never too late to go back to school and finish what you started, but it’s important to know when the time is right. After all, college is a big commitment and requires dedication to succeed, even if you decide to start off slowly. How can you know that the time has finally come to go back? The following are some signs:


1. The day you stopped going to college has bugged you ever since, and you just feel like something is missing in your life.


2. You already bought a backpack and filled it up with a ton of school supplies. It sits in the corner of your living room. You stare at it longingly.


3. You hate the industry you work in and want to train for something else entirely.


4. Or maybe you like the field you work in, but you’re looking to grow. You definitely have the skills and experience, but a lack of a college degree is the one thing holding you back.


5. Either way, you’re just super eager and ready to learn.


6. You know you have the time during your week fit in something else. Even if it’s just a couple online classes to start off with, your schedule isn’t as jam-packed as it usually is.


7. Or maybe you’re completely bored out of your mind your schedule is completely wide open and you can afford to take the time to focus on school full-time before you apply for your next job.


8. Back in the day, you weren’t too sure what you wanted to do with your life or what you wanted to study. Fast-forward to the present, and you know exactly what you want to major in, down to every single class you want to take. You’re not messing around.


9. You’re not getting pressured by someone else to go back. You’re truly doing it for you.


10. Tuition can be costly, but you’ve got it taken care of: Whether you’re getting reimbursed through your employer, eligible for scholarships and/or financial aid, or you’re receiving a lump sum of cash from J.G. Wentworth.


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