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Making 2016 count: Eliminating bad habits

In recent blogs, our company has celebrated the start of the New Year by offering some practical, easy-to-follow advice dedicated to helping our readers turn 2016 into the most personally satisfying, and financially rewarding, year of their lives. Today’s blog will continue that trend by offering five simple strategies to overcome bad habits. While many of us fail to overcome our traditional behavioral patterns, the reality is that there are some basic approaches to overcoming bad habits that may truly help you finally eliminate them. Among these strategies are:

Reflect on the source of habit, and why you continue to do it

Bad habits don’t develop in a vacuum. People smoke or drink because it helps them deal with stress; others eat excessively because that was how they were raised, and food is connected to the patterns they learned as children. Taking time to reflect on the source of the habit, and what “triggers” a certain behavior, is the first step towards understanding what you need to do to stop it.

Change your routine

One way to eliminate a bad habit is to eliminate steps that lead you inevitably on the path to the habit. Changing your routine, and paying attention to how that change in routine affects you, is a great way to create awareness that may lead to eliminating the bad habit entirely.

Plan ahead

If you cannot avoid an environment, situation, or routine where a bad habit may recur, plan some countermeasures to suppress these tendencies before the “bad habit urge” returns. Remember the simple advice, “Never shop when you’re hungry?” – The same principle applies when you “head off” a bad habit tendency before it even has a chance to penetrate your psyche.

Find support from others

Finding a person, or a network of people who will encourage and support you on your journey will give you the added strength you may need to persevere.

Find a positive “substitute habit”

The truth is that it is extremely difficult to eliminate a bad habit entirely. One alternative is to find a “substitute habit” – preferably a positive one – to replace it; for example, instead of swearing off sweets, eat fruit instead. Whatever new habit you develop will not only decrease your chances of falling back on a bad habit but will also build up your willpower and lay down the groundwork for future positive changes in your life.

We hope these five basic strategies will help you overcome whatever bad habits you would like purged from your life once and for all. Remember, even the longest journey begins with a first step; it is never too late to take yours, especially if it will lead to a more satisfying and complete life. And if that first step is a financial one, and you would like to talk to J.G. Wentworth about how to get cash now in exchange for all or a portion of your future payments, please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.