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Presidents’ Day Trivia: Fun Facts about the Presidents on Our Money

Did you know that there are laws in this country over 200 years old that forbid putting the face of any living president on our coins? In 18th century France and Britain, kings wouldn’t hesitate to put their own faces on currency. But in the United States – where our leaders are elected by the people, and for the people – treating them like royalty was considered a violation of our country’s very nature.

It’s for reasons like this that J.G. Wentworth has decided to celebrate Presidents’ Day by combining it with our favorite topic: money. With that in mind, here is a short list of some other fun – and even significant – facts about the presidents who grace our US currency.

George Washington and the $1 dollar bill

George Washington was first put on the dollar bill in 1869, less than a decade after the bill was first issued. While in those days a dollar represented some real purchasing power, nowadays it doesn’t go nearly as far; perhaps that’s why the average dollar bill has to be pulled from circulation due to wear and tear after just 18 months!

Thomas Jefferson and the $2 dollar bill

Thomas Jefferson could speak five different languages fluently, drafted the Declaration of Independence, designed his own home, and founded the University of Virginia. Unfortunately the two dollar bill that bear his image on it has proven nowhere near as successful.

Abraham Lincoln and the $5 dollar bill

Abraham Lincoln’s face first appeared on the five dollar bill in 1914, more than 60 years after his assassination. Lincoln was a wrestler, an inventor (the only president with a patent to his name), and was a sincere supporter of women’s rights generations before it became popular.

Andrew Jackson and the $20 bill

Want to talk about financial responsibility, one of J.G. Wentworth’s favorite topics? Andrew Jackson was the only president who ever paid off the national debt… in 1835. His reputation for toughness and even cruelty have led to numerous unsuccessful attempts to remove his image from the bill, which replaced Grover Cleveland’s image in 1928.

Ulysses S Grant and the $50 bill

Did you know Ulysses S Grant had been invited by then-President Lincoln to accompany Lincoln to the theater on the night of his assassination? Fortunately for Grant, he missed the play that night – just as Grant’s image, placed on the fifty dollar bill in 1913, has survived two attempts to remove it in favor of Ronald Reagan’s.

What about the $10 bill and the $100 bill, you ask? That’s easy – they are the only two bills in our currency that do not have the face of a president on them. The $10 bill bears the likeness of United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, and the $100 bill has none other than the great Benjamin Franklin – inventor and statesman. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of fun facts about presidents on our US currency, and have a relaxing and enjoyable Presidents’ Day holiday. If you’d like to talk about your own money – specifically, how to get it out of your structured settlement or annuity payments now instead of later – please call J.G. Wentworth anytime at 877-227-4713.