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7 tips on finding the most cost-effective ways to move

The decision to move out of your home or apartment is rarely an easy one, and it’s only made more stressful by the costs associated with transferring all of your possessions from one place to another. Here are seven tips to keep these costs as low as possible and save as much money as you can on that dreaded Moving Day:

Contact moving companies in advance for rate estimates and moving terms

The first thing you need to do is get a fair and reasonable estimate on how much moving is going to cost you. You should get at least three estimates from different companies to narrow down this cost to a reasonable price range, then consult a wide range of reviews to see which moving company has the best reputation. There’s no sense simply going with the lowest estimate if the moving company has poor customer reviews regarding handling other people’s possessions or getting it to new locations on time.

Make the tough decision to get rid of the things you do not need

Want to save money moving? – Here’s a simple idea: move less things! Now is the time to do an inventory of what you truly need in your new home, and to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter you’ve amassed. And if you do find things you can live without, consider the next step:

Sell your unwanted possessions

Facebook, Craigslist, a garage or yard sale, word-of-mouth… The avenues through which you can sell your unwanted items nowadays are wide ranging. Assign a reasonable but fair cost to these items and then use that money towards the move.

Carefully consider the Do-It-Yourself route

How far are you moving? How many friends or relatives would be willing to donate their time – and their backs! – to help you lug your possessions up and down staircases? You still might have to rent a truck and purchase some packing materials, but you’ll also save substantially on moving costs if you can make the move without hiring professionals.

Find your own boxes

While you can certainly spend money buying boxes, a more cost-conscious move would be to visit places in your area that day in and day out clear out hundreds of boxes of merchandise to and from their stores. Consider clothing stores, supermarkets, and bulk stores, to name just a few places.

Ship things ahead of time to your new destination

Sending heavier items by ground mail ahead of time to your new address can also save you money when compared to having professionals transport these items for you.

Don’t forget to deduct moving expenses come tax time

You should definitely keep track of all your moving expenses, especially if you are moving a distance that is far away from your original home. Under certain conditions you’ll be able to deduct some of these expenses at tax time.

Moving is always arduous, but knowing the smartest and most cost-effective ways to move should ease your stress and decrease your moving day costs. We hope our list of seven tips to move on a budget will help you keep your costs as low as possible. If you still need extra cash to move, or need money now for any reason out of your structured settlement or annuity, we encourage you to call J.G. Wentworth anytime to discuss your options at 877-227-4713.