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How not to renovate your home


1. Trying to do things yourself that you know you shouldn’t be doing.

2. Not getting the necessary permits (even for the small and easy projects).

3. Spending a lot of money on renovations that won’t add any value to your home (or may even take away from your property value).

4. Underestimating just how much a certain renovation will cost….and then running out of money and ending up with an unfinished project, or going into debt in order to finish.


5. Sacrificing (or completely forgoing) safety in order to cut down on costs.

6. Using really cheap materials.

7. Also going with a really cheap contractor.

8. Ending up with pieces not fitting properly due to inaccurate (or complete lack of) measurements.

9. Not thinking your renovation plans through….

10. ….and making the costly mistake of changing your mind when a lot of work has already been done.

11. Or just being stuck with something you really don’t like.

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