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11 signs it’s time to renovate your home

You love the quirkiness of your old home, but has it gone from charming to downright creepy? Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to make some big changes. The following are some signs that you might want to invest in some home renovations:

1. Your house has become a stop on the local “Haunted Sights” tour.

2. The neighborhood kids are terrified of it.

3. So are the adults.


4. You’ve gotten offers on your home….


5. From neighbors who only want to buy it to tear it down.


6. Your electric bills are insanely high because your appliances are literally 100 years old.


7. Out-of-town guests who haven’t been to your house yet last about five seconds before hightailing it to a nearby hotel.

8. To say it looks outdated would be an understatement, and entering your home is honestly like taking a step back in time.

9. Or a retirement home.

10. Literally everything is falling apart.

11. You’re ready for major change and you recognize some or all of these problems, but you don’t plan on moving anytime soon.


Renovating a home can be expensive, especially if you’ve got some major upgrades to make. If you need extra cash to begin tackling those home renovation projects, J.G. Wentworth can help. From personal loans to settlement funding, you can choose a solution that works best for you. Contact J.G. Wentworth today for more information about receiving a lump sum of cash.