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7 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

With Halloween just days away, we thought now would be the perfect time to offer our suggestions for a fun, safe night of trick-or-treating for the children of all our amazing customers out there. 

Here are 7 trick-or-treating safety tips, beginning with:

1) Try to put at least one bright or reflective piece of material on your children’s costumes.

This will show drivers the many pedestrians out there, and remind them to drive safely through any neighborhoods that are full of trick-or-treaters. And along the same theme:

2) Remind children of all the rules on crossing roads

Excited trick-or-treaters can easily forget themselves and race out into the street. Spend a few minutes before trick-or-treating reminding them to never rush out into a street or cross it unattended.

3) Carry a flashlight

A flashlight will help you navigate any possible sidewalk gaps, and keep track of your trick-or-treating group.

4) Watch out for choking hazards on costume accessories and food items.

Young ones should always be monitored to make sure they do not eat too quickly or put anything plastic in their mouths.

5) Make sure costumes and masks fit

Children can be so excited by their costumes that they won’t admit how uncomfortable they are until they are out of the house. This could be especially problematic with masks children cannot properly see out of, which can cause them to trip and fall.

6) Wear comfortable shoes

This is important for both parents and children – make sure all shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in.

7) Don’t eat too much candy!

Last but certainly not least is a rule much easier said than done – especially with all that candy lying around!

One idea for both young and old trick-or-treaters is to have a healthy dinner before beginning the night’s festivities; this might lead to trick-or-treaters limiting their candy intake – and possibly eliminating the stomachaches that usually follow!

As we’ve said many times, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at J.G. Wentworth; it gives all of us a chance to be kids, and to remember how deliciously thrilling it once was to get those magical Halloween goose bumps – and, of course, to eat all that candy!  We wish you a happy, safe Halloween, and remind you that should you ever need cash now from your structured settlement or annuity payments, you can contact J.G. Wentworth’s representatives anytime at 877-227-4713.