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J.G. Wentworth Blog

Announcing the Toddler Tuesday / Fido Friday $100 Gift Card Giveaways!

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here, proudly announcing not one, but two $100 gift card giveaways our company will be giving out each and every month!

You’ve probably heard of our Toddler Tuesday and Fido Friday features. Basically, folks from around the country have been generously uploading homemade videos of their tykes and pets singing along to our commercials, or talking about our company in the most adorable ways. On Toddler Tuesdays, we’ve been posting our favorite baby video of the week on Facebook, and on Fido Fridays, we’ve been posting our favorite weekly video of a pooch howling along with the music.

It’s so much fun – and now it’s going to get even better. Because now you can submit a video to be entered into one of our two monthly $100 gift card giveaways!

Here’s how it works: if you have a video of either a dog or a tyke that you want to share with us, visit our Facebook page.  On the top of the screen, click on the Enter Now box and follow the directions.  All you’ll be doing is sending us the YouTube link of your video, along with your name, phone number, and e-mail address.  It’s just that simple, and not only does it mean your video might be featured on our Facebook page – but you will also be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card! *

We’ll be announcing the Fido Friday $100 gift card winner the second Friday of every month, and announcing the Toddler Tuesday $100 gift card winner the last Tuesday of every month.  So don’t forget to check in with us to see if you’ve won!

We hope you can tell how excited we are about these two new monthly gift card giveaways, and can’t wait to get started.  So c’mon, let’s get those cameras rolling!

* Go to the Giveaway link on our Facebook page for full Giveaway Rules, Terms and Conditions