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J.G. Wentworth Blog

Going to the BET Experience? Get your #GeoCashNow on!

What in the world is #GeoCashNow, you ask? Well, geoCACHING is where you go on a “treasure hunt” anywhere in the world using your GPS, kind of like a big game of high-tech hide and seek for find the ‘caches’. What does that have to do with J.G. Wentworth and the BET Experience? Glad you asked!

We are creating our own game just for the BET Experience called #GeoCashNow- and all attendees are welcome to play with us by following us on Twitter! Instead of using GPS coordinates, we’ll be using our Twitter account (@jgwentworth) to point BET Experience goers to find the ‘caches’ of cash that we’ve hidden throughout the event! On Saturday June 25th, and Sunday June 26th, we’ll be dropping off a fresh J.G. Wentworth shirt with a prepaid card worth $250 in secret locations that will be revealed on our Twitter account after they are dropped. We’ll be dropping two prizes on Saturday and three on Sunday- and instead of $250, one of those five prepaid cards will have $500 loaded on it!

To join in on the fun and for your chance at the prizes, follow @jgwentworth on Twitter and stay tuned as we give hints to where the prizes will be dropped on the 25th and 26th. Should you be the lucky one to find it first, take a picture of you and your prize and tweet it back to us to confirm your findings! (We reserve the right to retweet so that others playing along know this round has been claimed, so make sure you’ve got on your best smile!)

The BET Experience is an event unlike anything else for hip-hop fans and we are proud to be a sponsor- and we are super excited to make five lucky event goers experience even more exciting! See you there!