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Black Friday Blowout

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

You know, holiday shopping season is just around the corner. And at J.G. Wentworth we know that folks sometimes need a little more cash around the holidays. That’s why we’ve created our Black Friday Blowout promotion for people with structured settlements and annuities.

If you are a customer or a prospective customer of J.G. Wentworth very shortly you’ll get an attractive envelope in the mail. When you get the envelope it means you’ve won something: a $5 check, a meal at McDonald’s, or perhaps our $2,500 grand prize.

Only one person is going to win the $2,500 and the rest of you are likely to get $5.00 or the meal at McDonald’s. But the way I look at it, life’s simple pleasure’s are some of its best. So whatever you get, enjoy! And think of it as an early holiday gift from me, Old J.G.