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Check Out J.G. Wentworth’s CEO On Fox Business

David Miller

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here. We have a terrific short video for you.

It’s this interview of our CEO, the amazing David Miller, that aired on Fox Business just a short while ago.  In less than five minutes David clearly and simply explains 1) What J.G. Wentworth does; 2) How much J.G. Wentworth generally pays to structured settlement holders in exchange for their future payments; 3) How the United States judicial system makes sure the “little guy” is protected in every structured settlement transaction; and 4) How J.G. Wentworth has been able to remain in business for so long.

The interview is fascinating, and when you watch it, not only will you learn how J.G. Wentworth works, you’ll also be able to see qualities within David that reflect our entire company – specifically, the clarity and transparency with which we run our business. Our core mission has always been to put our customers first, and David’s straightforward explanations highlight this mission, showing why we are among the most respected purchasers of future structured settlement and annuity payments in the country.

Once again, the video can be found here.  If you have any questions after watching it, or would like to find out how you can get cash now in exchange for your future structured settlement or annuity payments, please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.