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Client Advance at J.G. Wentworth

Hi everyone. Matt Urban here guest blogging for Mr. Wentworth.

I run the client advance group at J.G. Wentworth. We purchase a variety of payment streams including lotteries, inheritances and private mortgages. We spend the bulk of our time however trying to help people involved in litigation to get cash for necessary expenses, a product we call client advance.

Our experience is that litigation takes a long time. Longer sometimes than folks can wait. Through our client advance services, we’re able to help them through a rough patch in their finances while they are waiting for their case to finish up.

The process is quick and easy. From the time someone calls us, until the time we can get cash in their hands can be very quick, sometimes just three days. You wouldn’t think that a pending lawsuit is something that you could borrow money against, but it is. And as many of our clients will attest, thank goodness that you can.