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Cutting the String

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

In a way I feel quite honored. Another part of me feels like perhaps I’ve passed my prime. And yet I feel a little nostalgic. Ultimately, I feel a little vulnerable as it appears I could be replaced at almost any time. Whatever could provoke these conflicting emotions? Why the new J.G. Wentworth commercial called Chasing Money, in which yours truly is played by an animated figure. (This is quite a departure from our earlier ads, which you can see here).

Chasing Money tells a familiar story . . . that of a man chasing around after money that he can’t quite reach. (Actually, the money is tied to a stick the way folks used to tie a carrot to a stick and put it in front of their horses to keep them moving forward. Only in cartoonland . . . )

People with structured settlements often feel this way, especially if they need a lump sum of cash that is larger than their regular payment from the insurance company. I understand how they feel; having what amounts to a million dollar settlement, but without the means to buy a car to get to work, or pay off medical bills, or meet a tuition payment.

That’s were we come in. By providing cash for structured settlements, J.G. Wentworth, cuts the string, so that cash that you have at your disposal, is also within your reach.

Hopefully, this is useful information that you can act on simply by picking up the phone and dialing 877-CASH-NOW. And while you’re doing that, I’ll go back to sorting out my feelings about the animated Mr. Wentworth.