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What is Up with Those J.G. Wentworth Commercials?!

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Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here, starting the year off with yet another topic commonly associated with J.G. Wentworth: our commercials.

You can ask any of our employees, and they’ll tell you the same story: we’re out and about, and someone we’ve just met finds out we work at J.G. Wentworth. They immediately make a beeline over and ask us – either cheerfully, or with some annoyance – -the same question: what is up with those J.G. Wentworth commercials?

Let’s talk about them.

The truth is that J.G. Wentworth takes great pride in our commercials, which have won several awards, both domestically and internationally, including a silver Davey award. These commercials give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to folks around the country who may not be aware of the types of transactions we can provide. And if we can get these folks’ attention in a lighthearted way – and let them know how they can sell their structured settlement or annuity payments for cash– all the better!

People who then give us a call find out a second truth about J.G. Wentworth: that while our commercials are fun and lighthearted, the way we handle our customers’ financial concerns is anything but. In fact,   our customers’ financial wellbeing is something that we take extremely seriously and is one of our main concerns. So if we get into a conversation with you, and find out you need cash now, we’ll do everything we can to get that money to you as soon as possible.

So go ahead, visit our commercials page here, or even check out one of our recent commercials where people simply call each other and scream into the telephone, “I’m in the money!” And in the future, anytime you meet a J.G. Wentworth employee, go right ahead and ask: what is up with those commercials?

We’ll be happy to tell you.

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