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‘JG Wentworth Solution’ Makes a Debut

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

It’s an exciting day at the company for us, because we’ve launched the first in a series of new television commercials that talk about cash for structured settlements.

The first commercial is called JG Wentworth Solution. We named it that because it focuses on a guy in the hospital that has a family with many demands. What I like about it, is when you see they guy, you think it’s going to be a commercial about medical bills, which it could be, because our patient is certainly has a few of them in his future. But then what happens is his son, who’s visiting, reports he just got into Harvard. Then his daughter announces she’s getting married. Then his wife tells him she hired a contractor to build another room onto their home for her parents.

Boy, when it starts raining bills, it really pours. But that’s just how it is.

Luckily for folks with structured settlements, we can help. As one of the nation’s largest structured settlement companies, we can get you a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement payments.

And that’s a good thing, because while you can’t count on much, you can count on life taking the kind of unexpected turns that only a lump sum of cash can fix. Just ask our friend in the hospital.

PS: I would be remiss, if I didn’t tell you where to go to see some of our commercials. They’re very good. And that’s not just me saying that. We’ve won awards from the advertising industry.

Take a look at ‘JG Wentworth Solution’ by clicking here.