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It’s Your Last Chance to “Dream Big” and Play J.G. Wentworth’s Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game!

Did you know you have less than a week to play J.G. Wentworth’s first Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game? We’ve been handing out hundreds of prizes every week to folks around the country – including a brand-new car, mortgage or rent payments for a year, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, gift cards, instant cash, and much, much more!


Are you over 18 (19 in AL and NE, 21 in MS)? A legal United States resident? If the answer to both questions is yes, you’re eligible to play – and you don’t have to purchase anything to win, either. All you have to do is register and log on to your Activity Dream Hub, then play a fun game that asks three short trivia questions in one of five categories: Auto, Home, Travel/Leisure, Education, and Debt. We promise, none of the trivia questions are hard, and regardless of whether you even answer them correctly you’ll advance to our Scratch and Win section to see if you’ve got three of the same Instant Win prize images on your Scratch Card. If the game piece on your screen contains three exact matches of the same image, guess what? – You win that prize!


It’s also important to know that this is just Part One of our Live Your Dream Now Instant Win Game contest. For a chance to win even bigger prizes there is a second game called the Dream Book, where you collect Dream Book Letter tiles each and every day you come back to the site to play. If your collected Dream Book Letter Tiles spell out the entire word of one of our prizes, you’ll win a Dream Book Instant Win Prize – prizes which have included all-expense paid vacations to New York, Hawaii, and Germany, mortgage or rent payments for a year, a brand-new 2014 Fiat 500, a year’s free tuition, and more.


Our “smaller” prizes are pretty amazing too. Among them are $500 “Night on the Town gift cards, $500 gift cards for technology, smaller gift cards to great stores, and many others. We are even offering “second chance drawings” at the end of the contest, just in case every prize hasn’t been claimed!

Finally, you can earn extra scratch cards at your Activity Dream Hub to increase your chances of winning. Opportunities to earn these extra scratch cards occur when you spread the word about our contest to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus, answer our Poll of the Day, interact with us by commenting or tweeting through our social posts, and much more.

The contest ends this week at midnight, October 16. It’s going down to the wire, and there is simply no time to lose. So start playing by going here immediately, fill out the registration form, and then keep playing and checking in with the site every day! Remember, you can’t win unless you play, so let yourself “dream big”, and start playing today – you could be a winner!