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More Mischief from Our Competitors

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.

In a previous blog we talked about how other structured settlement companies will do just about anything for your business – including posting misleading statements and even outright lies about our company.

Well guess what? – It happened again, just this past week. And unfortunately it’s something we have to respond to, so we can make sure everyone knows the truth about J.G. Wentworth – and understands just how proud we are of our company, and what we do each and every day for our customers.

The article we are talking about was particularly troubling because of how outdated and misleading it was. It was promoted on a Google Alert and claimed that we were bankrupt!

The truth, of course, is that we are anything but bankrupt. We have hundreds of employees and trusted representatives throughout the United States, 20 years of experience, a nationwide BBB rating of A+, and over four billion dollars of purchased future payment obligations. For over two decades we have helped folks just like you get the money they need for their structured settlement or annuity plans. In short, we are one of the industry’s most trusted and respected members – and we’re not going anywhere!

So if you see any of these random articles or blog postings discussing supposed ‘facts’ about our company, we urge you not to believe them. In fact, if you have any doubts about us, why don’t you call us yourself at 877-227-4713? Talk to us directly, and hear what we have to say. Then you can judge our character for yourself, and see once again why we will always believe, no matter what anyone writes, that J.G. Wentworth is a great place for folks just like you to get cash now for their structured settlement or annuity payments.