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Need Cash Now? Three Reasons Why J.G. Wentworth Should Be The First Call You Make

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here.  If you are thinking about selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for a lump sum of money, we urge you to call us to go over your options. Here’s why:

1) Our Company’s Mission: Put You in Control of Your Money.

Soon after you call us, you will realize that one of J.G. Wentworth’s most important missions is to help you take charge of your life and of your own money.  Your J.G. Wentworth contact person will spend as much time as necessary to make sure our team understands exactly why you are calling, what you need, and how JG Wentworth can help you. Next, we will lay out all your options simply and clearly so you can make a decision that best meets your financial goals. Finally, we will never promise you anything that we cannot deliver, or try to rush you into accepting any deal you are not comfortable with.

2) Our Company’s Reputation: Unparalleled in the Industry.

For over 20 years, J.G. Wentworth has been a great place to turn for folks seeking cash for their annuity or structured settlement payments. We are one of this country’s largest purchasers of payments of this type, and we take great pride in our reputation as one of the industry leaders. Yes, our eye (and ear!) catching commercials are designed to get people’s attention in a humorous way, but make no mistake: we will work hard for you.

3) Your Deal?  The Best It Can Be.

Last but certainly not least: we will work on getting you a great deal on your structured settlement or annuity payments. With our resources, our experience, and our know-how, we will go that extra mile to make sure you are receiving our fairest deal on your payments.

Need cash now? Make J.G. Wentworth your first call, and learn why, when it comes to selling their structured settlement payments, so many of our clients also end up making it their last call.