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One Hundred Seventy Eight and Counting

Hi everyone. J.G. Wentworth here.

You know, we’ve done more than 50,000 structured settlement transactions, and purchased more than $4 billion of structured settlement payment streams since we started. To handle all this volume we’ve grown the company to 178 employees.

Some of these employees are in accounting, making sure everyone gets their money on time. Others work in underwriting making sure that each and every transaction we do complies to the letter of the law. Still others are involved in marketing to make sure we get the word out to our customers about what we can do for them when they need cash for their structured settlement payments.

The great bulk of our employees are account representatives. These are the folks on the front line who talk to customers, understand the financial challenges they are facing, and help create solutions for them.

All this growth and all these employees kind of makes me nostalgic for the old days when it was just me, a phone and a desk. And while it’s nice to think about the old days, we can never go back there anymore. One of the reasons for this is that there’s just too many people who need cash and we have to keep growing if we want to help them all. So while we have 178 employees today I suspect that will continue to grow.