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Quality Insurance

Hi everyone.  Randy Parker here guest blogging for J.G. Wentworth.  I’m the Director of Quality Assurance at J.G. Wentworth.  My job is to insure that customers who call into J.G. Wentworth about receivingcash for their structured settlement or fixed annuity payments are met with certain standards of care and quality.  We understand that when folks call, a lot of times they have a pressing financial problem.  In order to serve them best, we not only need standards of quality, but we must monitor them to ensure they are being adhered to.

The three most basic standards of quality focus on timeliness, relevance and relationships.

With respect to timeliness, we want J.G. Wentworth representatives to answer the telephone within two rings, and respond to email inquiries within 15 seconds of their receipt.  When customers leave messages, the call will be returned that day if the message was left before 3:00 p.m. and the next business day, if the message was left after 3:00 p.m.  In the occasion that there is a problem, we want to make sure you can get help ASAP.

With respect to relevance, we want J.G. Wentworth representatives to work with you to understand your specific cash need and then design a program that is tailored to precisely fit that need.  Anyone can buy your payments. What we want our reps to do is buy the right number of payments so that the solution is relevant to your needs.

With respect to the final point, we want our representatives to develop personal relationships with customers.  Selling structured settlement payments is not your typical everyday transaction.  To ensure that it goes smoothly, a relationship with our customers is a must!

The Director of Quality Assurance is a big job that must get into the very DNA of J.G. Wentworth.  But to sum it up simply, I like to think of the position as simply quality insurance.