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Referral Basics: How You Can Earn $500 Referring a Customer to J.G. Wentworth*

Did you know you can earn $500 just by referring a customer to us? Just follow these four simple steps:

1) Obtain  permission  to share contact information with J.G. Wentworth on the individual’s behalf. Please make sure you follow this step because we want to honor their privacy and not make a call to them they do not expect.

2) Send us this person’s name and contact information – either their phone or email – so we can directly reach out to them.

3) Sit tight while we give this person a free, no obligation quote, offering them cash now for their future structured settlement or annuity payments. They’re going to get an opportunity to get that money now instead of later!

4) Once their transaction is completed – you’ll get a $500 check in the mail.

It’s just that simple! J.G. Wentworth is always looking for new customers who either don’t realize they have an opportunity to cash out their future structured settlement or annuity payments, or don’t understand just how easy the process of getting that money into their hands sooner can be. The $500 we send to you represents our deepest thanks for introducing folks to our company. To learn more about our referral program, or make a direct referral of someone you know who may be interested in selling their future structured settlement or annuity payments, call us at 877-227-4713.

*Referred person must not already be in our database, must be receiving qualifying structured settlement payments, and must complete a sale transaction with us, in order for you to receive $500. One referral per transaction. All purchase transactions are subject to our underwriting guidelines and approval is at our sole discretion. Call us for additional terms and conditions that apply.