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Your Money, Your Life

Hi folks, JG Wentworth here.

Every day, people from around the country call us to talk about selling their structured settlement or annuity payments for a lump sum of money. They need cash now, and they want to know how they can get it.

Perhaps there was a point when the money these folks were receiving from their structured settlement or annuity payments met their needs. But then those needs began to change. Maybe their medical bills became higher than they ever thought they would be. Or they want cash to invest in a new business, buy a home, help a loved one. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the reason is. The bottom line is that it is their money, their life.

While everybody’s situation is different, there is usually one common theme involved in these conversations: It’s about control. The people who call us feel like they are no longer in control of their own money – and they want that control back.

That’s where we come in.

JG Wentworth’s mission is to help people regain power over their own lives. It’s what JG Wentworth has been doing for over 20 years, and why we are a leader in getting our customers the cash they need upfront from their structured settlement and annuity payments. People call us because they know we will patiently, clearly, and honestly discuss their situation and help them come up with a new plan, one designed to help find a solution to their immediate financial problems and meet their needs as fast as we possibly can.

If you call us, that’s exactly what we’ll do for you, too. Which is exactly as it should be.

Because, after all, it’s your money, your life.

And shouldn’t you be in charge of both?