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5 Affordable Ways to Have a Great Labor Day Weekend

Hi folks, J.G. Wentworth here with 5 great low-cost ways to celebrate this year’s Labor Day weekend.

1) Check out all last minute online Labor Day travel deals

The Internet is absolutely loaded this year with amazing opportunities for travel deals over Labor Day.  Priceline, Hotwire, Orbitz, and Expedia are just some of the sites offering steep discounts on last-minute air and hotel offers.

2) Consider a 3 day ‘staycation’

Want to go on vacation without any air travel or hotel expenses?  Try a ‘staycation’ – just make sure to explore a part of your city or state that you never have before.  You’ll feel like a tourist – at a fraction of the cost!

3) Visit a local farmers’ market on a weekend morning

A terrific low-cost morning can be enjoyed by all at a local farmers’ market.  You’ll get your fill of great fresh produce, while also getting a sense of the local farming done within driving distance of your home.

4) Swap homes for a weekend

It may sound a bit crazy, but don’t discount the possibility of swapping homes with someone so as to get a fresh perspective on a region nearby.  A simple Internet search will yield some great websites that may surprise you with their offerings for the weekend.

5) Grab that Beach Towel and Hit the Sand

Never underestimate what a day at the beach will do for body and soul.  Either get to a crowded beach spot early in the day, or find your own secluded area so you can soak in all the beachside rest and relaxation that you can!

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