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7 Best Staycation Ideas for the Summer

It’s coming close to that time of year again, the season we’ve all been waiting for: summer!

Here at J.G. Wentworth, one of the largest and most trusted purchasers of future structured settlement and annuity payments in the country, we know how budget conscious most of our fellow citizens are. After all, we talk to thousands of folks around the country on a weekly basis about their financial concerns, offering them an opportunity to get the cash they need now – money that belongs to them, after all – into their own pocket sooner.

So with that in mind, today we thought we’d present our list of 7 great staycation ideas for the summer, providing suggestions on how folks can enjoy this terrific time of year without it costing causing too much damage to their bottom line.

1) Outdoor Movie Nights

Why spend a relative fortune for two hours in a movie theater when you can set up your own theatre in your backyard, under the stars? All you need is a view screen – or even a blank wall – and a decent sound system, and you’re well on your way to some great family nights together.

2) Free Museum Days

Just about every museum has days with reduced and even free admission for you and your family. Simply check out their website, hop on a bus, and enjoy!

3) The Local Beach

Of course no staycation is complete without a day at your local beach; all you need is a swimsuit, sunscreen and some towels, and you’re well on your way to truly terrific low-cost day.

4) Backyard Camping

You don’t need to load up a van with supplies, or worry about overnight permits; you can plan a great night of camping activities – including building a fire, telling stories, and roasting s’mores – all in your own backyard!

5) The Amusement Park Extravaganza

Of course amusement park tickets are usually higher-end purchases. That’s why you should always check online or in your local newspapers to see if the park in your area offers discounts to locals

6) Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Explore the city with friends and family on your own DIY scavenger hunt. Use public transportation, a bicycle, or your own 2 feet, create the hunt with care and attention to detail – and you’ll have more fun exploring your city than you ever thought possible.

7) Vacations Aren’t About the Place – They’re About the Time

Last but not least is an important idea about vacations we’d like to share with you: that vacations aren’t about the place you’re going – but the people you’re spending time with. That’s why our strongest recommendation is that you unplug electronics, breathe deep, and do something that is sometimes so hard on a daily basis: enjoy each other’s company. Wherever you are, if you take the time to simply focus on that… then you’ll have a great vacation indeed.

We hope this list of seven great ‘staycation’ ideas stays with you as you plot your own escape! Summer is going to go faster than you think; after all, doesn’t it always? Make sure you enjoy it while you can, and if you would like to talk to one of our clients account executives, please call J.G. Wentworth anytime at 877-227-4713.