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7 Last-Minute Low-Cost Summertime Vacation Ideas

Think it’s too late to plan a last-minute low-cost summertime vacation? Fortunately, you’d be wrong – especially if you follow one of these seven suggestions on how to plan a terrific post-July 4th trip, starting with:

1) Visit a National Park or Monument

From California to Maine, Texas to Michigan, one of this country’s greatest resources are its amazing national parks and monuments. Deserts, mountains, coastlines, forests, extraordinary statues – this amazing nation truly has it all, usually within less than a day’s drive from wherever you might live.

2) Consider Las Vegas

If natural beauty isn’t your cup of tea, consider summer in Las Vegas, which frequently has the lowest hotel room rates of the year during the summer at outstanding four and five star level hotels. Every hotel usually has multiple pools and other amenities, making it easy to cool off.

3) Book a cruise

Cruising remains a viable low-cost vacation option, especially since rates are basically all-inclusive, and take into account food, lodging, and entertainment. Discount cruise websites abound on the Internet, and a smart shopper should be able to find a great deal in the late summer season.

4) Have some options with travel dates and trip destinations

The surest way to find a low-cost vacation is to be flexible with travel dates and vacation destinations. This will enable you to shop around on the myriad travel sites found on the Internet, scouring popular travel websites like Expedia and Orbitz for best hotel and airfare prices, along with all-inclusive last-minute travel deals.

5) Avoid hotels in the center of town

While you sacrifice some convenience when you stay at hotels that aren’t in the center of town, you’ll make up for it with lower prices. Urban destinations with great public transportation systems should also be able to get you where you need to go cheaply and quickly.

6) Get rooms with kitchens

A great way to save money while on vacation is to make sure when you book a room that it is equipped with a half or full kitchen. Even if you love to eat out, you can save considerably by keeping breakfast and/or lunch homemade and casual with cereals, fresh fruit, and sandwiches.

7) Wherever you go, ask locals what they do for fun

Last but certainly not least is our belief that even if you are a tourist in a new city, you don’t have to act like one. Talking to locals to find out what they do for entertainment and/or relaxation is a great way to avoid tourist traps and find fun-filled low-cost activities.

We hope this blog gets you started on your summertime vacation plans, and remind you that it definitely isn’t too late to have a great post-July 4th summer trip with friends and family. And if you are currently receiving, or scheduled to receive, regular payments from a structured settlement or annuity, we would also like to remind you that our company, J.G. Wentworth, takes tremendous pride in helping all our customers get  cash now for their future payments. Call us anytime at 877-227-4713.