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Avoid Excessive Summer Spending by Having a Throwback Summer

The budgets of many folks frequently go out the window come summertime, when the pressure increases to take an extended vacation, and/or partake in other expensive activities like visiting a pricey amusement park or enrolling a child in summer camp. But you don’t have to spend a fortune this summer to have a great time with friends and family – especially if you have a “throwback” summer that’s full of these fun-filled budget friendly activities, starting with:

1) Buy a Slip and Slide

This cheap toy, which can usually be bought for under $10, can provide hours of fun for both the young and old.

2) Make a popsicle

Are we the only ones who remember the homemade popsicles our mothers would make for us? Find an old-fashioned recipe, then grab an ice tray and some popsicle sticks, and you’re on your way.

3) Play neighborhood-friendly games like jump rope, hopscotch, and kickball

Another great way to fill up an afternoon with family and friends is to turn off all screens, grab some chalk, a few jump ropes, and some balls, and head outside.

4) Have a bonfire on the beach

Roasting s’mores, singing songs by the campfire, taking quick dips into the ocean or lake – these are the summer memories that are as low-cost as they are unforgettable.

5) Host a garage or yard sale

If you still looking for some extra summertime cash, now’s the perfect time to host a garage or yard sale. You’ll make some cash, get rid of your clutter, and get to know some of the many people who are probably taking in your neighborhood on their summertime strolls.

6) Visit a minor-league ballpark

Tickets to a minor-league baseball game can cost as little as five dollars, and everything else – including parking and food – is usually cheaper as well.

7) Host a board game night

Board game and trivia nights are great ways to spend fun evenings with friends and family at almost no cost.

8) Have a movie watching party outside

There are any number of used projectors on sale at websites like Craigslist and Amazon – projectors which can be easily plugged into your computer. That means any movie you can find on DVD or download directly to your desktop can also be screened against the wall of your home for a fun-filled movie night under the stars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list of “throwback” summertime activities – activities we believe will never go out of style. And if financial worries of any kind are keeping you from enjoying the summer months, we also encourage you to call J.G. Wentworth to find out what J.G. Wentworth can do for you. Call us anytime at 877-227-4713.