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Benefits of Volunteering

The Benefits of Volunteering

In a recent blog, we discussed some terrific options for those looking to take a break from materialism this holiday season, and how they could spend time instead of money on gifts. One of the options we discussed was for friends and family to volunteer together to help the needy over the holidays, providing extra support to the regular employees at such places as homeless shelters and food banks.

Researching this topic also enlightened us on some other matters – specifically, on the many professional and personal benefits of volunteering. Here are seven benefits of volunteering you may not have considered:

1) Volunteering helps you make professional connections

One of the intriguing aspects of volunteering is how it enables you to cross paths with fellow volunteers from a wide range of jobs and career paths. Engage them in conversation and you may be surprised not only by what they do but how willingly they may recommend you to their peers, or others they know in your line of work.

2) Volunteering helps you develop new skills

Sometimes it’s hard to gain work-related experiences that will help you professionally. Many volunteer opportunities give you a chance to learn and develop new skills that would otherwise be exceptionally difficult to come by.

3) Volunteering helps you diversify your resume

Think all companies focus only work-related experiences? – You would definitely be wrong. In a competitive marketplace, the more you do that stands out the better prospects you’ll have, and adding volunteering to your resume shows initiative, thoughtfulness, and great teambuilding skills.

4) Volunteering helps you get outside yourself

Here’s a benefit of volunteering that goes beyond the professional, to its more spiritual impact: allowing you to see the world from a wider perspective. You may learn more about the world, from a new perspective, in four hours of volunteering than you would from reading any book or traveling to any new destination.

5) Volunteering puts you in touch with your community

More and more of us simply wake up, work very long hours, and then go home at the end of the day. Separation and individuality, rather than community, seems to be the new norm. But volunteering in your own neighborhood gives you a real sense of what’s out there, just minutes from your home – and gives you a chance to not just experience your community but improve it.

6) The children of volunteers are likely to become adults who volunteer

You know the old saying “show, don’t tell”? Show your children what it really means to be a good person by volunteering, and you’ll raise truly compassionate and caring adults that will surely make you proud.

7) Volunteering makes a difference in a fellow human being’s life

Last but certainly not least is the rather extraordinary satisfaction gained from helping a fellow human being. Whether it’s helping someone learn to read, serving food to the hungry, playing with a child at a shelter, or doing any other of the countless things one can volunteer to do, the feeling of satisfaction one receives from helping someone in need is as priceless as it is ultimately indescribable. We urge you to try it!

We hope this list gives you a sense of all the amazing benefits of volunteering. We are J.G. Wentworth, this nation’s largest purchaser of future structured settlement and annuity payments, and we have many employees who truly love to volunteer their time not just over the holidays but year-round. For more information about our company, or to learn more about how you can get cash now from your structured settlement or annuity, call us anytime at 877-227-4713.