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Black Friday 2014: 7 Great Ways to Stretch Your Shopping Dollars

Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year – and offers numerous opportunities to take advantage of some truly terrific bargains offered by stores across the country. Unfortunately, far too many shoppers truly take advantage of all the bargains available, and end up spending far more than they might have had they just done a little bit of planning in advance. With that in mind, here are J.G. Wentworth’s tips on avoiding that mistake this holiday season, and stretching your shopping dollars the furthest:

1) Download Black Friday apps

Some shoppers still do not realize that there are specific smart phone apps created for Black Friday. They offer big store savings opportunities, coupons, special deals, and other ways to make shopping on Black Friday both more affordable and less stressful. Check out Black Friday 2014, TGI Black Friday, and Black Friday 2014 Adds, to name just a few of the free apps available for iPhones and androids.

2) Be an early bird shopper – online, that is

Black Friday shoppers do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn to brave jam-packed parking lots and frenzied crowds to find a bargain. Many Black Friday savings opportunities can be found online – some made available even on Thanksgiving Day.

3) Consider signing up for an in-store credit card

Many stores offer additional savings to those shoppers who enroll and make purchases on their in-store credit cards (that being said, you should always be careful not to incur additional debt if you cannot afford to pay it off quickly).

4) Sign up for store emails

Just like in-store credit card savings opportunities, signing up for a store’s email blasts will give you a jump on discounts, rebates, and special offers.

5) Always bring the print advertisement

See a deal for that great TV set, game console, or home appliance you’ve always wanted? After you find it, don’t forget to bring the ad to the store. In fact, any ad you find – online or in a newspaper – is worth printing up and bringing with you on your shopping day experience, just in case the store has a “match the lowest price” guarantee.

6) Comparison shop

The traditional way to comparison shop is to find a product at one store, then visit the other for the same product and compare prices. While that’s a reasonable strategy, did you know that there are websites that will do the work for you? Check out and, to name just a few online comparison shopping sites.

7) Save all gift receipts

“Many happy returns!” is what some of our wisest and most thoughtful relatives would say when they handed us a gift, knowing that we might need to exchange it for a different size, color, or even preferable product. But it won’t be possible to return items unless you make sure to keep all receipts in one safe and easily accessible place.

We hope the above list gives you a great chance to get the savings you need on Black Friday. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or buying gifts for others, every dollar you don’t spend is another dollar that stays exactly where it should be – right in your pocket. And always remember that if you’re looking for much-needed cash and either receiving or scheduled to receive payments from a structured settlement or annuity, J.G. Wentworth can purchase these future payments for cash that will get to you much sooner. For more information, call us anytime at 877-227-4713.