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Crazy ways you could be wasting money

It’s one thing if you’ve got a shopping habit that you just can’t kick or that “quick trip” to a department store turns into a five-hour endeavor. But sometimes, you could be wasting money without even realizing it. The following are just some ways that you could be overspending way more than you need to:

Energy usage


If you have a tendency of falling asleep with the television on or leaving your HVAC on full blast when nobody is home, you could be paying a lot more than you need to be in utility expenses every month. Even poor insulation or old appliances can be wasting a lot more energy than you realize, and could be the cause of your high electric bills.





The cost of food can easily eat up your monthly budget (pun intended), but this is a variable expense that you can cut down on easily. If you eat out a lot, stop. If you’re throwing away leftovers and buying too many perishables at once that end up getting tossed, stop. If you haven’t already, make a grocery shopping list and stick to it every time you buy food. Use coupons, and pair them with sales for optimal savings.


Your cell phone bill


Do you really need all of the minutes and cell phone data you’re paying for each month? If you quickly said “yes,” you may want to consider the other ways you can have what you need, but for a lower price. With most people having at-home Internet and most establishments offering free Wi-Fi for customers, it’s easier than ever to turn off your cell phone signal and connect your device to the Internet instead. If you don’t do this enough (or at all), you could be using all of your data when you don’t need to. If you’re almost always connected to the Internet, you could probably get away with a much cheaper data plan. And if you find that you’re constantly on the phone, find out from your service provider if and when you get free minutes, such as nights and weekends, and take advantage of them. Alternatively, you could opt for a landline phone and ditching your cell phone altogether.


Or just bills in general


Before you just pay for the next bill you receive (or, you know, toss it to the side), be sure to check the individual charges very carefully. From medical bills to credit card charges, you could be paying for things you shouldn’t be paying for, and without even realizing it. Although it’s almost always accidental, it’s common for bills to contain errors, and you could be literally paying for those mistakes if you aren’t taking the time to fully read and understand what you’re being charged for.


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