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Don’t Leave Money on the Table! – Five Ways to Help Make Sure You’re Getting the Most Out Of Your Employee Benefits

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits offered to you by your employer? We hope so, as these benefits can add hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to your lifetime savings. Here are five ways to make sure you’re maximizing your benefits at work, starting with:

1) Do your research and enroll in your benefit plans on time

Employee benefits are usually offered in a timeframe within which you must make your benefit selection; if you miss that timeframe, your benefits may be selected for you, or even worse, you may miss out on those benefits entirely. That’s why it’s extremely important to begin your research the moment your benefit window opens, in order to determine what benefit package is best for you – and that you make sure to meet all selection deadlines.

2) Maximize retirement savings

Employee savings accounts like 401(k)s are absolutely essential tools for building a successful retirement. That’s because your employer will most likely provide a percentage match towards some or all of the money you place in these accounts. So if you do not sign up for these plans, you are literally leaving “free” money on the table – money that over time could add up to thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

3) Consider Life and Disability insurance

Many employers have optional Life and Disability insurance policies available to their employees. While receiving these benefits is under most circumstances a “worst case” scenario, signing up for them will help protect you and your loved ones, should unforeseen crises occur.

4) Sign up for educational reimbursement plans

designed to help you pay for college or for continuing education courses. Do not underestimate how valuable additional courses can be to your long-term professional growth! They will make you more attractive to both current and prospective employers down the road, build your resume, and add to your overall value and worth as you continue on your career path.

5) Look out for any special employee benefits that are unique to your company

Many companies around the country pride themselves on providing special employee benefits that are unique to their company. These can include bonuses for health and wellness activities, health club membership discounts, bonuses and rebates for attending special employee-related conferences, pet insurance plans, and much more.

The bottom line: your employee paycheck may just be the start of what your job offers, so make sure to carefully review every employee benefit offered to see if it can add to the quality of your life – and help you to put more money in the bank! We are J.G. Wentworth, the nationwide leader in purchasing structured settlement and annuity payments for cash, and we understand the value of each and every hard-earned dollar. If you would like additional information about our company, or want to learn more about how to get cash now for all or a portion of your future payments, call us anytime at 877-227-4713.


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