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Free indoor summer fun when the weather isn’t cooperating

Summertime and outdoor fun just go hand-in-hand. From barbeques to beach days, to picnics and scenic hikes, nothing beats enjoying the amazing weather by spending the day outside. But what happens when your plans are ruined due to unfavorable weather? Whether it’s a scorching heat wave that makes it impossible to enjoy anything outside, to those inevitable summer storms that can quickly shut down any outdoor plans, the following are some free, fun ways to still enjoy your summer inside:


Forget the tablet games and video games—break out some of the older board games that have begun collecting dust. They can be a great way to bring the whole family together, and can be a fun, cheap way to pass the time when the weather is bad. If you want something a little more challenging, or you know you’ve got a lot of bad weather ahead of you, try putting together a puzzle that you’ve never gotten around to. Depending on its size and difficulty, this could also be something that the entire family can work on as a team.



Nothing beats relaxing and watching a great movie at home, whether it’s something new on television or an old favorite. If the bad weather is persistent, make a day out of it and have a movie marathon. If you have a camera (even one on your phone can do the job), you can even try making your own short film. Be creative and write a fun script that can easily be filmed indoors; there’s also free video editing software that can you can use to finalize your production.


Get crafty

Making a movie not really your thing, but still have a creative side? Take a break from technology and spend the day doing something crafty. You’d be surprised at the cool stuff you can make with things that you already have lying around the house, and this is also a fun project that the kids would enjoy. And if there’s a task you’ve been putting off, you could possibly use the opportunity to take care of it, while having fun. For example, if you’ve got tons of photos lying around or filling up empty shoeboxes, spend the day sorting through them and then making a fun photo album for your favorites. All you need is some paper (perhaps some construction paper if you want something that pops), ribbon, and glue.


Cook a fun meal

Maybe it’s a savory dish you’ve always wanted to recreate, or you’ve got a sweet tooth and there’s a complex (but tasty) dessert you want to bake. Cooking can take hours when it’s elaborate, but if you’ve got the day and you’re stuck indoors, why not give it a try? Using ingredients that you already have at home, try putting together something that’s delicious and also fun to make.


Get out of the house

Unless the weather is dangerous to drive in, you can still have a fun day out of the house and without spending any money—regardless of what the weather is like. For instance, a lot of museums will set aside specific days of the week when admission is free, especially during the summer. Check your local newspaper or go online to find out about all the fun, free stuff that’s happening in your town throughout the summer, and put the interesting stuff on your calendar. You’ll also probably find some great outdoor activities, such as free festivals and concerts, that you may want to partake in when the weather is nice.


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