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5 hidden hotel fees to watch out for

Are you thinking about planning a trip? As you budget for various expenses, bear in mind that many hotels these days tack on extra fees that many people don’t anticipate. You might need to pay them as you finalize your booking, or when you’re checking out. You can often find these hidden fees lurking in the fine print, but when it isn’t clear, you’ll want to contact the hotel before making any final booking decisions. Some common hidden hotel fees include:

Resort fees

More and more hotels are adding on daily resort fees in addition to the room rate, and these fees aren’t always openly advertised. Resort fees can be up to $60 extra per day, and usually include access to things you think you’re getting for free as a hotel guest, such as the pool or fitness center. Even smaller hotels that are far from being resort-like are beginning to implement these fees, so begin to check the fine print carefully. Even if you have no plans on using the hotel’s amenities and just need a place to sleep, you’ll have to pay them anyway if the hotel imposes them.

Internet access

Most travelers require Internet access, and while there are plenty of hotels out there that offer complimentary Wi-Fi, some will charge high fees that no visitor can really refuse once they get there. It’s kind of like asking if you’d like oxygen in your room, and before you know it, you’re duped into spending tons more money just to have an Internet connection. Do yourself a favor and find out what the fees are ahead of time. Compare nearby options; because a lot of hotels will offer free Internet, going with one of those can potentially save you a lot of money.

Mandatory valet parking

Some hotels will charge a high daily rate for mandatory valet parking, and with no option to self-park for free. If you’re staying in a city where it’s difficult to impossible to find a hotel without free parking, consider ditching the rental car and opting for public transportation. 


You might expect to make a deposit (or even pay a small fee) to bring your furry friend along, but more and more hotels are imposing extra fees that probably cost more than your actual dog did. On top of a flat non-refundable fee, some hotels will also charge an additional nightly rate per pet.

In-room safes

Most hotel rooms will automatically include an in-room safe, but you could also be paying extra for it, regardless of whether you even use it. If you don’t plan on using a safe during your stay, make sure you’re not paying extra for it, or ask to be put in a room that doesn’t have a safe.

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