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How Are You Doing on Your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions?

At the start of the year, we posted seven important yet practical resolutions we urged you to make to get 2015 started on the right financial footing. Today, with a quarter of the year almost gone, we thought we’d check in on those resolutions and find out how you’re doing.

Resolution #1) Paying down a portion of some debt each and every month

As we noted in the January blog, many people get intimidated by the size of their debts, to the point of considering them too large to pay off in the here and now. But any amount, however small, used to pay down a debt is far better than simply ignoring it and allowing it to grow. Try it! – It isn’t too late to start!

Resolution #2) Leaving your credit card at home

This one was hard, right? But the surest way to keep yourself from making an impulse purchase is to leave your credit card at home.

Resolution #3) Eating out less

Have you noticed how much more money stays in your wallet when you don’t eat out? As we noted before, the average cost of a restaurant meal in this country is approximately $10 including tax and tip. If you eat out just two less times a week, you’ll put another $800 in your bank account between now and the end of the year!

Resolution #4) Making your own coffee, tea, or soda

This one you had to have tried, right? We sure hope so, especially since making your own drinks at home instead of buying them at coffee shops or convenience stores can save you anywhere from two to five dollars each and every day of the week.

Resolution #5) Not buying anything you cannot pay for right then and there

Even if you “accidentally” took your credit card with you when you left the house, you don’t have to use it. It’s not too late to honor these words: If you can’t completely pay for something right then and there, don’t buy it!

Resolution #6) Finding free entertainment

With spring just around the corner, free entertainment should be all around round you, in places like, beaches, public concert venues, etc. With just a little bit of research, you can almost certainly find something fun to do for free.

Resolution #7) Rewarding yourself

As always, this is our favorite resolution of all: rewarding yourself for a job well done. If you have been saving your money diligently, treat yourself to something, anything, which makes you happy. The advice may seem counterintuitive, but rewarding yourself not only gives you an opportunity to bask in your accomplishments, it also gives you something look forward to when you get right back on the savings track in the months ahead. We urge you to try the strategy – it works!

So when it came to keeping your New Year’s resolutions, how did you do? Even if you haven’t been able to follow your better financial instincts up to this point, we’d like to remind you that it’s never too late to start fresh, set some goals, and stick to them. And as always, if you’re looking for cash now, and are either currently receiving or scheduled to receive money from future structured settlement or annuity payments, please call J.G. Wentworth anytime at 877-227-4713.