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Last-minute and inexpensive Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and you have yet to get anything yet for dad. The panic has started to sink in. Reluctantly, you’ve decided that you’ll just keep it easy and simple since it’s so last minute, and you’ll just get him a tie.


Just like last year.

Your dad doesn’t even wear ties. Yet you still buy them for him and each time he hides (or perhaps openly expresses) his disappointment.

Procrastinating doesn’t mean dad has to get a lame gift, and you still have time to get him something awesome—without spending a fortune, either. If you need some inspiration for last minute and cheap Father’s Day gift ideas, consider the following:


The gift: A bottle of his favorite liquor

Whether it’s a bottle of pinot or a smooth scotch, you can never really go wrong with getting someone a bottle of their favorite liquor. If you’re scrambling for a last-minute idea that dad will appreciate, this is one that could be worth considering.

Average cost: Depends on how cheap you want to be tight your budget is, but you could get something pretty decent for around $20.00.


The gift: Something homemade

You’re never too old to give something to your dad that’s homemade and from the heart. It may sound a little cheesy at first, but seriously, dad will love it and appreciate the thought that went into it. You may not have the time to do something elaborate if you’re doing this at the last minute, but there are still some simple (yet thoughtful) things you can put together. For example, if you have a bunch of digital family photos, you can put them all on a digital picture frame. This only takes a few minutes and digital picture frames are on the cheap side these days.

Average cost:
Variable, depending on what you do exactly. It could just be a few dollars, or even free if you’re using stuff you already have.


The gift: Something that’s missing from his tool collection

If dad is a handyman (or at least likes to pretend), try to find out if he’s missing anything that he needs for his toolbox. Spring for the nicer option, and it will still be a good, inexpensive gift choice that you can easily get the last minute.

Average cost: This will vary widely depending on the tool and the quality, but you can find something pretty decent in the 20-dollar range. If dad doesn’t have any tools at all, consider getting him a set; you can get an entire set of good quality tools for less than $50.00.


The gift: Accessories for all of those ties

If dad really does wear a lot of ties, get him something that he can accessorize with his collection and that can go with all the ties you’ve gotten him throughout the years. A tie rack or a tie bar, for example, are a couple ideas to consider. (But seriously, if dad really doesn’t wear ties often or at all, this would be a terrible idea.)

Average cost: Depends on the brand and where you make your purchase, but you can easily find something cool for under $20.00.

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