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7 low-cost ways to de-stress for the holidays

Feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? With all the shopping, cooking, family gathering, and party planning, it would be no surprise if holiday stress was taking its toll on your mind and body. Here are seven low-cost ways to destress during the holidays so it truly can be the most wonderful time of the year.

Take some time alone… and do nothing

If you’re going through the holiday season without taking a day off of work or household chores, you’re missing out. Stay in bed and binge watch your favorite TV show. Or grab a book and your favorite drink, park yourself on your sofa, and don’t get up. You’ll be amazed what some downtime can do to recharge your holiday batteries.


Some folks decide they don’t have time to exercise over the holidays; others just give up on their exercise regimen and figure that they’ll start again after New Year’s. But exercise is a proven way to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body.

Surrender some of your usual holiday responsibilities

Do you have to be the person who cooks the entire holiday meal for 15 family and friends? Why not take care of just the main course and ask everyone else to pitch in a side dish?

Try a yoga or meditation class

We all know somebody who is always raving about their yoga or meditation class and inviting you to join them. This is the time to check it out, clearing your mind of all worries and focusing on keeping yourself relaxed.

Get in some quality family time

The holiday season is a time when the kids have no homework and the hustle and bustle of your daily job should be at its lowest level. Enjoy some quality time with your family by ice-skating, taking a nature walk, cooking a meal together – anything you can think of where your focus is on enjoying your time together.

Get all holiday planning done early

It’s tempting to put off all your holiday errands, such as food shopping or buying gifts, until the last minute. But then you’ll just be worrying about getting them done, right? Why not get things done early so you can relax instead?

Grab a steam or soak in a hot bath

Spending some time in a hot bath or steam room is an amazing way to relax muscle tension and destress emotionally. Make it a bubble or Epsom salt bath to increase the relaxation.

We hope you take advantage of some of these low-cost relaxation ideas. Don’t forget that the holiday season isn’t just about spending time with loved ones – it’s also about giving yourself a vacation from your own daily routine. And always remember that if financial worries are keeping you from ever being truly relaxed, J.G. Wentworth may be able to help. Call us anytime at 877-227-4713.