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Make This Year’s Christmas Celebration Your Most Memorable – and Least Expensive – One Yet!

Make no mistake, you can have a truly memorable and meaningful Christmas holiday without burying yourself in a pile of debt. In its purest form, Christmas is a holiday that genuinely values quality over quantity, and in that spirit, here are six ways you can celebrate the holiday with friends and family – without spending a fortune.

1) Make a budget, and stick to it

Food, decorations, gifts, festivities – the list of things that make the Christmas season unique is a long one. Prepare a reasonable and affordable budget long in advance noting how much you’ll need to celebrate the holiday, and then stick to it no matter what.

2) Set gift-giving parameters among friends and family

Worrying about how much to spend on gifts? Setting clear expectations within your family about how much to spend per gift, and/or agreeing to give gifts only to children this year, will cut down on these financial strains considerably.

3) Make your Christmas meal extravagant – at a price that isn’t

There are many ways to cook a great Christmas meal without spending a fortune. These include buying food in bulk, buying your main dish at a supermarket instead of an expensive butcher, and asking everyone to pitch in with a special side dish or dessert of their own.

4) Create homemade Christmas decorations

The Internet is loaded with homemade decoration ideas suitable for Christmas, including making Christmas ornaments from dough, using your natural surroundings (twigs, pinecones, plans, etc.) to create table settings, and much more.

5) Consider purchasing an artificial Christmas tree

Not only does a real Christmas tree cost money, it also needs to be replaced every year. An artificial tree, properly stored, can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over time.

6) Volunteer

Christmas is truly a holiday of giving, and a great way to give is to offer your time to a hospital, animal rescue facility, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. At no cost, you may find yourself having a more memorable experience with friends, family and strangers than you imagined possible.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on having a memorable Christmas holiday on a budget. And if you remain worried about your financial situation as the holiday approaches, and would like to have a free, no-obligation discussion with J.G. Wentworth regarding how our company may be able to help you get the money you need out of your structured settlement or annuity payments  sooner, please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.