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4 things you should never pay full price for 

Everyone likes to save money, and when it comes to certain purchases, you could potentially be overpaying. Even when you’re talking about just paying the retail price, there are certain things you should never pay full price for:


If you plan your shopping trips strategically, you’ll almost never need to pay retail on your favorite food products and staple items. Check your local newspaper every week for sales, and stock up when you can. Even if you already have plenty of a particular item, if it’s something you know you’ll always need plenty of, take advantage of the low prices when you can. Always maximize sales prices by pairing coupons when you can, and if you need to buy something when it’s not on sale, try to find out if there are available coupons available to lower the cost. The Sunday newspaper is filled with both manufacturer and store coupons, and depending on your grocery store’s policies, you could possibly pair both. Don’t forget to check online for coupons, too. Speaking of online, sometimes you’re better off ordering certain stuff online from websites like Amazon if you want the lowest available prices. Just be sure to always compare your options first so you know you’re getting the best possible deal. It can be a bit of a pain in the neck, but once you make a habit out of it, the savings can be big!


Your next car

Nobody pays the sticker price on a car. Seriously. Unless you’re talking a super rare vehicle, private sellers and car salespersons don’t expect buyers to pay the MSRP or the asking price. This is one thing you can always haggle on, even just a little bit. You don’t have to be a big negotiator or anything, either—you can simply ask what’s the best price you can get and it’s almost always a guarantee that it will be lower than what the sticker is saying. If you really want to play hardball, though, you can get the best price possible by checking out our other article that exclusively offers tips for saving money on your next car purchase.


Gift cards

When you want to get someone a gift, but just can’t figure out what, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card. But if you’re paying dollar-for-dollar when you go gift card shopping, you’re doing it all wrong. Just a quick search on the web and you’ll find tons of legitimate websites that sell unwanted gift cards from people that would prefer to receive cash, even if it’s at a lesser value. Not only is this a great way to save on your next present for someone, but you can also buy gift cards for yourself to use for just about any purchase you can think of.


Video games and DVDs

Unless you want the latest releases, there’s no need to pay full price for DVDs and video games if you’re just looking to build your library. Gently-used movies and games that work perfectly fine will only be a fraction of the cost, and you won’t even notice the difference. From local electronics stores to online retailers, finding used movies and games is easy and can save you a ton of dough. Don’t forget to check clearance bins the next time you’re shopping at a department store or electronics store, also–if you’re looking for something that’s at least a few years old, you can often find a brand new copy at a significant discount.


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