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November Purchases: You Won’t Believe How Much Money You Can Save This Month!

Did you know November is considered one of the best months to save money on a wide variety of purchases? Here’s a list of seven types of items you can find at reduced prices, starting with:

1) Anything Halloween-related

The list of Halloween-related goods you can find at reduced prices is a long one. Apart from huge discounts on Halloween costumes and decorations that can be stored for next year, you can also save on food-related items you can use immediately such as candy, granola bars, snack foods, paper plates, food storage containers, and plastic ware.

2) Kitchen appliances

In anticipation of Black Friday and the traditional winter holiday season, many kitchen appliances such as  mixers and baking and roasting pans reach their lowest prices in the weeks ahead.

3) Television sets

November is traditionally one of, if not the, best months to purchase a new TV. Stores around the country will begin offering both low and high end TV sets at some of the lowest prices of the year.

4) Winter clothing

While the best time to buy winter clothing is traditionally at the end of the winter season, you will find numerous winter clothing sales at a wide range of stores this month. The savviest shoppers among us will also pour over the Internet for store-only coupons that could lead to savings of up to 50% off these items.

5) Wedding dresses

A curious fact: did you know that for a variety of reasons November is statistically the cheapest month of the year to purchase a wedding dress?

6) Desktop and laptop computers

November is also one of the best months to purchase desktop and laptops. Historically, some perfectly suitable computers have been priced under $300 during this month at stores such as Best Buy® and Staples®.

7) Apple products

Last, but certainly not least, is the barely-kept secret that Apple® loves to discount its goods during November. Interested in MacBooks®, iPads®, iPhones®, and iMacs®? Look out for dozens of deals on these Apple products in the weeks ahead!

We hope this list of discounted November items jumpstarts your holiday shopping season while keeping as much of your money as possible where it belongs – in your pockets. And if you’re looking for some extra cash this holiday season, and are either receiving or scheduled to receive payments from a structured settlement or annuity, call J.G. Wentworth anytime at 877-227-4713.